Ameztoi Txakolina 2014
Wine Type: White

Should be consumed young, and served fresh between 6° to 10° C in glass.

Grape Varieties: Hondarrabi Zuri 50% & Hondarrabi Beltza 50%

Alcohol: 11%

Tasting Notes:
Visually: Pale white with a touch of green, his bright tone shows a fine and elegant bubble.
Smelling: Fine and sophisticated fragrance, reminiscent of green apples and grapes, with a minty note.
To taste: Dry in the beginning, harmonious in the mouth, it has a wide and aromatic end, resulting and cheerful because of its bubbles.

Food Pairing: All kinds of Seafood and Fish. Excellent with Oysters, Sushi or Tempura fish.

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